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March 9, 2013

Reasons That Make You Want To Buy House In Thailand...

The Land Of Smile

Buriza Morya
Buriza morya beach

Thailand is a very beautiful country with a lot of attractions for all kinds of people. Nowadays if I mention Thailand most of people would know it right away as "The Land Of Smile" or formally called "Siam" the beauty of the country is one of the reasons that so many foreigners have decided to move to Thailand and settle down here. Some of them work here and then got married to a lovely Thai woman. Some of them start their businesses here, and some of them have chosen Thailand as their retirement place.

January 12, 2013

Diving Destinations And Diving Sites In Thailand...

Diving in Thailand

Similan Island,Thailand
Similan Island in Thailand
When you are in Thailand this is one of the best activities that you shouldn't miss...everyone have heard of how beautiful beaches in Thailand are and this is what most people do when they are visiting Thailand. Diving or Scuba diving is very popular among tourist who have chosen Thailand as their vacation's destination.The diving possibilities in Thailand are nearly endless. 

September 10, 2011

Phuket Or Well Known As Paradise for all vacationers In Thailand...

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Phuket is Thailand's premiere expat and tourist destination situated in the south of Thailand with more then 20 prestein white sand beaches to swim snorkel and scuba dive phuket is a dream location inland find waterfalls jungle sheer limestone to climb Phuket
expats can play golf in the morning scuba dive at lunch