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January 12, 2013

Diving Destinations And Diving Sites In Thailand...

Diving in Thailand

Similan Island,Thailand
Similan Island in Thailand
When you are in Thailand this is one of the best activities that you shouldn't miss...everyone have heard of how beautiful beaches in Thailand are and this is what most people do when they are visiting Thailand. Diving or Scuba diving is very popular among tourist who have chosen Thailand as their vacation's destination.The diving possibilities in Thailand are nearly endless. 

February 2, 2012

Ko Tao Or Turtle Island ...One Of The Best Scuba Diving Places In Thailand.

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Ko Tao (also known as "Turtle Island") is an island in Thailand located near the western shore of the Gulf of Thailand. It covers an area of about 21 km². Administratively it forms a tambon within the district (Amphoe) Ko Pha Ngan of Surat Thani Province. As of 2006 its official population is 1382 The main settlement is Ban Mae Hat.The economy of the island is almost exclusively centered around tourism, especially scuba diving. Ko Tao was named by its first settlers for the island's turtle-like geographic shape. Coincidentally, the island is an important breeding ground for Hawksbill turtles and Green turtles. Development of tourism has negatively impacted the health of these grounds but a breeding program organised in 2004 by the Royal Thai Navy and KT-DOC, a coalition of local scuba diving centres has reintroduced hundreds of juvenile turtles to the island's ecosystem.